custom seating


The Arctic Seating System is a custom seating option designed with safety in mind for feeding, bathing and  as a light weight convenient positioning system. As with all products from Forts Technical Solutions these are manufactured in Australian and customised to the individual's requirements.

The fabric is waterproof, breathable and easy to clean. The base has protective rubber buffers to prevent slipping in the baths and protect against damage to floors. The shoulder and pelvic straps are easily adjustable and can be removed for cleaning.

There are also options that will allow for the seat to be locked into raisers which provide additional height. Please contact us if you would like more information on these options. 


We  can also offer more traditional seating options such as foam floor sitter.

Or for those with complex seating needs we will work closely with the individual and their therapist to provide a more specialised system to provide comfort and meet their requirements.

Custom Seating - Posture and Positioning Chair

Custom Seating - Posture and Positioning Chair